California- Christmas Break

Since I was a little girl, going to California has been such a dream of mine, and now that dream is coming true! Over Christmas Break my family and I (plus my best friend, Shpresa, but she’s basically family¬† so it counts!) will be going to California. We decided that we will be staying on Venice Beach. We will be renting out a house only a few blocks away from Venice Beach. Being we are so close to the beach, we will probably spend most our time on there, but of course we are going to explore the vast state. We also plan on hiking in the valleys, visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood, and maybe even go to a concert.

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California is full of interesting and different activities and attractions for just about eveveryone’s taste! Here are some more things you can do if you happen to be in the Venice Beach area:

  • Venice Beach Boardwalk- probably the first thing you think of when you hear Venice Beach is the boardwalk! The Venice Beach Boardwalk is filled with different attractions for everyone. There is music, street entertainers, gyms, spas, and just about everything in between!
  • Venice Canals- get a little taste of Venice, Italy right in Venice, California! The century old canals are truly like a visit right in Italy. The canals run right through high-class neighborhoods, so while you visit the canals you can also see the breathtaking houses.
  • Shopping!- Venice is home to Abbot Kinney and Abbot Kinney is home to so many unique boutiques, shops, and cafes! But if you aren’t into spending a fortune on a blouse, try thrift shopping! Thrifting is very big and Venice and the type of clothing you can find in Venice is hard to find in other places!


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