Nicaragua Mission Trip- February

I never would have thought that I would have the opportunity to say I’m going to Nicaragua, but in February I’ll be getting that opportunity! While I might not be going to the most luxurious part of Nicaragua, I will will be going there for a good cause. Originally my mom brought up the idea about her going to Nicaragua for a mission trip with her church. I thought that was really cool, so I mentioned that to her and she told me to come with her! At first I thought this was just going to be another crazy idea we thought of that we would never go through with, but to my surprise we bought our plane tickets and will be flying off in February! I’m not 100% sure on what part of Nicaragua we will be staying in yet, but the main focus of the trip is to help build a church for the residents there.

Another fun thing about this trip is that not only will be be building a church, we will also be exploring the capital, be able to visit local markets that are there, and even go out to beach and see the ocean!


While my trip to Nicaragua won’t be focused on attractions and things to do, here are some things you can do if you ever find yourself in Nicaragua!:

– Volcano boarding- picture sledding down a big hill, but replace the big hill with a big volcano! Nicaragua has one of the most popular volcano boarding locations in the world, Cerro Negro, and is also Central America’s youngest volcano.
-Cliff jumping- Cliff jump up to 33 feet or just swim around in the beautiful Somoto Canyon! This canyon was only discovered in 2004, but has been a hit ever since it was discovered. The cliffs are on limestone filled canyons with beautiful blue waters at the bottom!
-Scuba diving- Scuba dive in either the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea! When scuba diving you are bound to see so much marine life, from nurse sharks, parrotfish, and blowfish!


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