About Me and My Blog!

Hi, I’m Adrianna and welcome to my blog! One of my favorite things is traveling and exploring new places, so I thought hey why not make a blog about that then! Over the next upcoming months I’ll be going on a few trips and I’ll be writing about what I’ll be doing there and what you could do there too! Over the next five months I’ll be going to three different places. In December I will be going to California over Christmas Break, in February I’ll be going to Nicaragua, and in April I will be in Georgia over Spring Break! Stay tooned to learn what I’ll be doing in these places and to learn about the attractions in each place!

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Images courtesy of: http://www.visitcalifornia.com/attraction/5-amazing-things-do-venice-beach, https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/explore/countries/nicaragua/, http://savannahgetaways.net/blog/index.php/tag/savannahs-historic-district-plus-take-in-the-beaches-of-tybee-island/